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KALEVALA the Musical is a story of ancient legends told by the spirits of the haunted forest of Kalevala. The musical, from composer Johanna Telander, is adapted from the national epic poem of Finland.

In 2017-2018 I helped Johanna Telander produce the first four concert readings of KALEVALA. Last year I returned to the haunted forest to lend some backing vocals to the new concept album, released in June 2022.

Past Projects


I was honored to be invited to perform with  Wanderlust  Theatre Co. of NYC and 

La Banda Sinfónica de Montevideo

at Uruguay's historic Teatro Solís.  

Click here  to read more about it!

Synth Cover:

Ingrid Michaelson's Pretty

It was a lot of fun recording and editing this many-layered multitrack. I learned a lot about the limitations of iMovie (and how to work around them). Thanks to Sean for helping with the synth programming and audio mix!

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2021  Virtual American Traditions Competition

Usually held in Savannah each year, this vocal competition celebrates all styles of classic American music. My recent focus on female songwriters led me to expand my exploration of women composers and lyricists across nine genres spanning over one hundred years of American music. It was an honor to share the stage - or, screen! - with so many incredible vocalists!

From Symphony to Synthesizer

In 2018 year I swapped out my gowns and lashes to play synth bass in a classic rock cover band with my husband Sean. After many years of working on opposite ends of the globe, we really enjoyed travelling together for a change - 

I just had to learn a new instrument... and a whole new genre of music! Check out our Albatross Air Band Facebook page for more rockin' videos! 

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